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Ventanas Condominium Complex - Ventanas is a residential condominium complex that is home to both owner and renter residents in three buildings that have four residential floors above a ground level parking garage. The beautiful exterior is styled for harmony with the Golf Resort Hotel and Golf Club. There are 82 residential units that vary in layout and sizes from 1120-3230 square feet, all with ample screened terraces. Each building has an entrance lobby, elevator, and Tele-entry system enabling residents to allow visitors to pass through the locked gate. There are ample garage parking stalls including a number that are leased by the Condo Association. The Ventanas Condo complex is governed by an association of all unit owners that is overseen by an elected Board of Directors. It receives condo fees from unit owners.
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Ventanas within the Tiburon Neighborhood – Ventanas is a community within the Tiburon Neighborhood located in north Naples by Airport-Pulling Road and Vanderbilt Beach Road. There are several organizations that Ventanas works with, and owners are members of:

Tiburon Estates Homeowners Association comprises the owners of nine residential communities including Ventanas. This HOA’s scope is to administer, operate, and maintain the common areas and property of the Tiburon Estates residential properties.  This includes management of services and maintenance of the Tiburon Gatehouse and staff; landscaping, irrigation, fountains, and street cleaning; and provision of Basic TV/ Internet services. Each community has one seat on the elected Board of Directors. It receives HOA fees from unit owners. Property Manager: 239-498-5455
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Tiburon Mid-Rise Neighborhood Association compromises of Ventanas, Esperanza I and Esperanza II communities. Mid-Rise's scope includes the adminstration, operation, and maintenance of common areas outside of the buildings' footprints including landscaping, driveways, parking, walkways, lightning, and the two pools and associated BBQ facilities. The Board of Directors are elected by the owners of the three communities. It collects fees from unit owners. Property Manager:239-514-1199
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Pelican Marsh Community Development District comprises the Tiburon and Pelican March developments. PMCDD is responsible for operating and maintaining the communities’ infrastructure including water management and lagoons, street lightning, landscaping, natural preserves and roadways. Also included is the provision of Tiburon Gatehouse transponders. The PMCDD uses the Collier County Tax Collector to collect its assessments each year. The assessments are added together and appear as one line in the non-valorem section of the property tax bill. The Board of Supervisors are elected by residents of the two developments.
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Tiburon Golf Club is well known beyond the Tiburon development, being PGA and Audubon certified with two beautiful and challenging 18-hole courses, practice facilities, and a popular Clubhouse and Fitness & Health Centre. Phone: 239-593-2200. In Partnership with the Golf Club is the Ritz-Carlton Tiburon Golf Resort, a five star luxury hotel with fine dining facilities, tennis courts, and a health Spa. Phone: 239-593-2000.
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